Improving Reading Skills Through Effective Reading Strategies.

Learning Strategies in Foreign Language Instruction.

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Efl Reading Strategies Research Papers

Strategies Training in the Teaching of Reading.

To these ends, the Online Survey of Reading Strategies (OSORS) and reading self-efficacy questionnaire were adopted and administered to 63 homogeneous sophomore EFL learners. To analyze data.

Efl Reading Strategies Research Papers

Effective Reading Comprehension Strategies for EFL and ESL.

The purpose of this study was aimed to probe the question whether foreign language reading strategies use among EFL college freshmen differ according to different genders and the differences of.

Efl Reading Strategies Research Papers

A Study on the Use of Cognitive Reading Strategies by ELT.

Maedeh Ghavamnia, Saeed Ketabi and Mansoor Tavakoli, L2 Reading Strategies Used by Iranian EFL Learners: A Think-Aloud Study, Reading Psychology, 34, 4, (355), (2013). Crossref Mahnaz Saeidi and Salam Khaliliaqdam, The Effect of Socio-affective Strategies on Students’ Test Anxiety across Different Genders, Theory and Practice in Language Studies, 3, 2, (2013).


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The Place of Creativity in EFL Omani Syllabus: A Content.

In fact, the research on reading strategies may be classified into three categories. In the first group are studies using descriptive design, which are intended to identify strategies that learners employ in reading. Janzen (1996) mentions that reading strategies range from simple fix-up strategies such as simply rereading difficult segments and guessing the meaning of an unknown word from.

Process of Implementing Critical Reading Strategies in an.

The Asian EFL Journal. Professional Teachers Articles. August 2006 The Asian EFL Journal 1 A Study on the Use of Cognitive Reading Strategies by ELT Students Yesim Ozek Yeditepe University, Turkey Muharrem Civelek Dicle University, Turkey Bio Data Yesim Ozek works as a lecturer in English Language Education Department at Yeditepe University. She obtained her MSc in TESOL from Stirling.

Japanese EFL Students’ Reading Processes for Academic.

Set up the reading and success will follow. 6 Strategies to Strengthen ESL Reading Comprehension for Beginners. Now, when it comes to actively interacting with English reading material, you’ll need to give your students additional direction. Here are some great strategies for helping your ESL students get the most out of classroom reading practice. 1. Scanning. This is a great follow-up.


The purpose of this study was to evaluate the presence of creativity thinking skills (fluency, flexibility, originality, and elaboration) and creativity teaching strategies in post-basic English as a Foreign Language (EFL) textbooks in Oman. The content analysis method was used to analyze grade 12 EFL textbooks and Teachers’ books. The researchers developed two coding books. The first coding.

Previous studies have established that good readers’ metacognitive awareness of strategic reading processes, repertoires of reading strategies and effective strategy use can be teachable to poor readers, which results in reading achievement gains. This instructional study reports 82 Thai EFL students of science and technology who were trained in the co-ordinated use of multiple strategies to.


This study aims to investigate the critical reading strategies employed by Iranian EFL students. To achieve the aim of the study, the Stringer’s Action Research Model that is a cyclical and repetitive process of inquiry i.e. Look, Think, and Act was utilized. This study used Bloom’s taxonomy as useful reference tool to describe the ability of thinking simply for high school EFL students.

Efl Reading Strategies Research Papers

The effects of EFL reading comprehension and certain.

Action research enables teachers to keep track and take account of the many aspects of their work with students through a systematic routine. This study aims to investigate the critical reading strategies employed by Iranian EFL students. To achieve the aim of the study, the Stringer’s Action Research Model that is a cyclical and the.

Efl Reading Strategies Research Papers

EFL Learners’ Metacognitive Reading Strategies Preferences.

The results indicated a significant effect of the variables and showed that EFL reading strategies are mostly influenced by the attitude to English. Proficiency has an indirect effect on the employment of strategy use through attitude. The main significance of our research is that the model we have developed has proved to be valid for each year in the sample. Keywords: English as a foreign.

Efl Reading Strategies Research Papers

Reading Strategies Use and Reading Comprehension.

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Efl Reading Strategies Research Papers

Impact of Intensive Reading on the Written Performance of.

The present study was an attempt to explore any significant relationships among Iranian EFL learners’ Metacognitive Reading Strategies (MRS) preferences and overall perfectionism to assess the subscales of each variable and find any significant relationships, and to seek any significant differences between males and females regarding MRS use. 116 Iranian EFL students studying at the.

Efl Reading Strategies Research Papers

Overcoming Japanese EFL Learners’ Fear of Speaking.

Support reading strategies mostly involve using outside reference materials, taking notes, underlining information, and other practical strategies. Via these support or functional strategies, a reader can sustain responses to the reading text. This category includes 9 items. M. Rastegar et al. 67 Reading comprehension Reading comprehension is generally defined as a process by which meaning is.

Efl Reading Strategies Research Papers

Reading Strategies for EFL Learners - Ms. Marwa AlHaddad.

Several distinct research streams are converging in the field of foreign or second language reading in the U.S. Separate research streams in metacognition, in reading strategies, and in the training of reading strategies are converging in the field of English as a foreign or second language. This confluence of research is dramatically impacting the teaching of English to adult non-native.